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product name China manufacture steel poultry house poultry farm building equipment
material grade Q345B / Q235B
surface treatment Galvanized
building size Customer required
roof and wall Galvanized steel sheet metal
insulation material Fiber glass wool insulation
usage Chicken house
equipment Full automatic feeding equipment
feeding type Cages feeding or floor feeding
brand name XGZ
building life time 50 years
place of origin Shandong, China

Product description:

Project name: Angola poultry farm project
Location: Angola
Project time: 2010
Total Area:12,000 sqm
Unit area of chicken cage:12m×63m
Unit area of layer house :12m×93m
Unit area of broiler house:14m×102m
Material Requirements: Light steel keel, EPS sandwich panel roof and wall system, to meet the requirements of low cost and thermal  insulation.

Why choose our chicken house?
1. More than 22 years’ experience, our products had been exported to more than 80 countries all over the world


2. We supply R & D, engineering, fabrication, exporting, and installation with one stop shopping service.
3. With ISO9001:2015, SGS, BV and CE certification
4. Xinguangzheng group with 5 branch factories located in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Our annual production capacity: only for H welded steel: 720,000 TONS –  1,200,000 TONS per year

5. Design software: PKPM, 3D3S, X-Steel, SAP2000, AUTOCAD, T-Arch, etc

Chicken House Characteristics:
1. rust protection, acid resistance, good insulation performance.
2. simple structure, high efficiency, lower cost, great flexibility.
3. It has a good performance of wind resistant, earthquake resistant, lighting protection and environment friendly.

The size range:
1. chicken house width: 12m-15m
2. length: not longer than 150m
3. the height: 2.2m-4m
4. Reasonable feeding qty: 13-15 chickens per square meter
For an example, we will raise 20,000 chickens.
Building size is L 135 m x W 15 m x H 2.5 m
Chicken House Fully Automatic equipments list:

1.Main feed line system
2.Pan feeding system
3.Nipple drinking system
4.Ventilation system
5.Cooling pad system
6.Spraying system
7.Heating system
8.Environment control system
Environment control:
Cooling pad system
Evaporative cooling pad system works in the condition of negative pressure, the cooling pad has been installed in one side of the wall, the fans has been installed in the other side of the wall. When the air flows through the cooling pads, the water evaporation absorbs a lot amount of heat.
Normally the height of cooling pad is 1.5 m - 2.2 m, length is about 3 m, the area of cooling pad in chicken house is about 6-8 times than the fans.

Ventilation system
The main parts of ventilation system is the big fan and the small fan. They are controlled by the control system. The running qty of the fans was depended on the required temperature of the poultry house.
Normally, for about 200m2 area, it needs 1 big fan and 15-20m need a small fan, this is the standard to design the quantity of fans in the chicken house.

H type automated feeding equipments for layers ( type 5300 )


Product name H type egg laying chicken cage
Material Galvanized wire
Tiers 3/4/5/6/8 ties
Capacity 180/240/300/360/544
Cage size 2285mm x 600mm x 430mm
Area/chicken 450cm2 / 494cm2

Product name H type egg laying chicken cage
Material Galvanized wire
Tiers 4 Tiers
Capacity 240
Cage size 1200mm x 650mm x 425mm
Area/chicken 390cm2

Product name H type egg laying chicken cage
Material Galvanized wire
Tiers 4 tiers
Capacity 240
Cage size 2250 mm x 650mm x 430mm
Area/Chicken 450cm2

“A” type layer cage ALD-4160, ALD-4128

Product name A type layer chicken cages
Material Hot dip galvanized steel or spray
Tiers 3/4 tiers
Capacity 96/150/160/128 chickens per set
Cage size 1870mm x 370mm x 370mm-315mm1840mm x 500mm x 400mm
Area/chicken 432 cm2 / 450 cm2

1. Automated controlled system;
2. High rearing efficiency;
3. Designed for rearing and growing;
4. Floor saving and cost efficient;
5. Easy maintenance and operation

Detail product:
Material: Low carbon steel wire
Surface treatment: Electro galvanize or hot galvanize, Specialty: Easy to assemble. Feeding and easy management, save the space, effectively prevent infectious diseases, and increase the survival rate
Scalability: can be adjusted according to the size, can add automatic drinking water system, also available for one layer or layers adjustment.
If there are some special specifications, also can be customized to sample.

All of our products have already been authorized through ISO9001 quality system. We have specialized quality control departments. We also have a very strict quality control system to the products. Because we want to be responsible for every product quality we sold. Our group company has set up a very good reputation for many years. We will offer the products resting assured to customer.

2. Chicken equipment

Layer cage equipment

Automatic pan and nipple feeding line system

Performance parameters of feeding line system
(1) High-quality special driving reduction motor.
(2) V-shaped Bin (with hopper)
Bin volume: 115L, hopper volume :38L
Material: hot-dip galvanized sheet.
Nipple feeding line system
It can provide fresh and clean water for poultry which is crucial for the growth of Poultry.
The drinkers can be triggered from 360 degree which helps young birds start well and makes drinking easier.

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